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Anne Sexton’s Bestiary (1989)

for soprano and piano
duration: 20 minutes


A setting of nine poems from Bestiary U.S.A., the second part of Anne Sexton’s 1976 collection 45 Mercy Street. Anne Sexton said: “I look at the strangeness in them and the naturalness they cannot help, in order to find some virtue in the beast in me.”

Listen & Watch

"Lobster" and "I Remember"
Maggie Finnegan, soprano; Michael Sheppard, piano


The recordings below were made in October, 1990, by recording engineer Curt Wittig, featuring soprano Rosa Lamoreaux with me at the piano.

Hog [View Score]

Hornet [View Score]

Snail [View Score]

Lobster [View Score]

Moose [View Score]

Cockroach [View Score]

Seal [View Score]

Whale Hommage to Debussy [View Score]

Gull [View Score]