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Dance Music No. 1-9 (1987)

for amplified keyboards (3 synthesizers) and occasional ad lib vocal part
combined duration: 1 hour

The Dance Music series was written for performance by the synthesizer ensemble Industrial Arts, which I co-founded with composers Rob Haskins and the late Thom Robinson. Although a couple of the pieces have been choreographed, I wrote them as concert pieces. Sometimes I added other live instruments for specific performances, including an occasional female vocal part. I’m considering arranging some of these pieces for chamber ensemble (something like piano 4-hands, winds, electric bass, percussion, and vocalist). Anybody interested??

Industrial Arts, 1987, L to R: the late Thom Robinson, Rob Haskins, Neal Woodson, Scott Pender

The first two recordings below were made live in concert, and are performed by Industrial Arts (including Neal Woodson, live sound mix). Dance Music No. 7 is dedicated to the memory of my Peabody theory teacher David Hogan, who died in the crash of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. He taught me to love Gregorian chant and respect it as the foundation of melody in Western music. (Dance Music No. 7 takes its tune from the plainsong chant “Panis Angelicus.”) Dance Music No. 8 (“Victory Flight of Perseus”) and 9 (“The Grey Sisters”) are performed as a set with No. 8 bookending No. 9. The other four recordings were realized by me in various electronic music studios over the years. Dance Music No. 4 is dedicated to Mildred Cooney, the mother of my late, dear friend David Cooney. Currently, these pieces exist as sets of parts only, so no scores are available.


Dance Music No. 7

Dance Music No. 8-9-8

Dance Music No. 1

Dance Music No. 2

Dance Music No. 3

Dance Music No. 4