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Five Dances (2011)

for 3 bassoons and contrabassoon
duration: 12 minutes


Five Dances is a set of short pieces for bassoon quartet (three bassoons + contrabassoon). The dances are: Canon, Country Dance, Stamp, Steps of Two, and Backbeat.

Five Dances was premiered on February 15, 2013, in Goodwin Hall at Peabody Conservatory by bassoon students of Phillip Kolker.

Listen & Watch

5 Dances: No. 1, Canon

5 Dances: No. 2, Country Dance

5 Dances: No. 3, Stamp

5 Dances: No. 4, Steps of Two

5 Dances: No. 5, Backbeat

This performance took place at Peabody on January 30, 2014, featuring Dillon Meacham, Hanul Park, Jonathan Nitz (bassoons) and Alex Carlucci (contrabassoon).

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