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Lyric Set (2014)

for bassoon and piano
duration: 12 minutes


Lyric Set is a set of four pieces for bassoon and piano, commissioned by and dedicated to my friend, Peabody bassoon professor Phillip Kolker. The pieces are titled: “In the Tide of Times” (from a line in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar), “Every Day Is Saturday” (because it often feels that way to me), “Lord Berners’ Giraffe” (after the eccentric English composer, who did keep a pet giraffe, which took tea with him at Faringdon House), and “Hopeful about the Past” (because I am).

Phil Kolker & I premiered Lyric Set on August 9, 2014, at the 2014 IDRS conference in New York.


Lyric Set: I. In the Tide of Times

Lyric Set: II. Every Day Is Saturday

Lyric Set: III. Lord Berner's Giraffe

Lyric Set: IV. Hopeful About the Past

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