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Quintet (1986)

for 2 violins, viola, cello, and piano
duration: 28 minutes


Quintet is a seven-movement work for the standard “piano quintet” scoring which I began composing in 1986 while still living in London. Looking back on this piece, I can see the influence of my time spent studying in England and being exposed to English music, particularly the (very English) idea that humor and “serious” music are by no means incompatible.

Quintet formed the basis for a full-length dance work by choreographer Doug Hamby.

Quintet is dedicated to my dear friend Scott Thigpen, who has been my sounding board for so many musical ideas over the years.


A Peabody Career Development Fund grant in 1988 provided for the recording heard below. Alan Kefauver oversaw the project in the Peabody Conservatory Recording Studio. Performers are: Odette Burger & Wyn Hart (violins), Ann Palen (viola), Arkadiusz Tezarczyk (cello), and Joel Wizansky (piano). These same performers premiered the piece on October 24, 1988, in Friedberg Concert Hall at Peabody Conservatory.

I. Allegro molto [View Score Excerpt]

II. Moderato [View Score Excerpt]

III. Andante [View Score Excerpt]

IV. Allegro agitato – Tranquillo – Tempo I [View Score Excerpt]

V. Adagio [View Score Excerpt]

VI. Allegro forzato & VII. Vivo [View Score Excerpt]