Released: November 4, 2014
Petworth Music (888295161749)
Takoma Ensemble, Victoria Gau & David Iskowitz

Excerpts from the recording, performed by the Takoma Ensemble conducted by Victoria Gau, with David Iskowitz, piano. The beautiful photographs are by Jack Anthony

Sweeping, lyrical music for string orchestra & piano with an incisive rhythmic pulse, combining old-time elements with distinctly contemporary writing.



Released: September 9, 2014
New England String Trio | Julia Okrusko, violin; Lilit Muradyan, viola; Ming-Hui Lin, cello; Peter Sulski, violin & viola; Geoffrey Burleson, piano; David Russell, cello

With a distinctly contemporary compositional signature that draws on minimalism and popular music of the late 20th century, and also recalls the 19th-century Romantic tradition, composer and pianist Scott Pender explores the expressive natures of four instruments - piano, violin, viola, and cello - on his debut solo release on Navona Records, 88+12.

Pender presents three piano and string duos: Rhapsody, Elegy, and Finale for Violin and Piano is a study in contrasting mood and texture, featuring virtuosic writing for the violin, while the deeply lyrical Sonata for Cello and Piano is a work of sweeping dramatic gesture. Sonata for Viola and Piano, subtitled "From Old Notebooks," uses material that Pender sketched while living in London during the mid-1980s to create a work of rhythmic pulse and intensity. The string trio Veil of Ignorance, which takes its title from the writing of the 20th-century philosopher John Rawls, provides three differing approaches to the same thematic material.



Released: December 10, 2013
Eliane Lust, piano

Tango performed by Eliane Lust

"A wonderful and imaginatively-conceived CD, beautifully performed by Eliane Lust. A true discovery."
—Jonathan Cott, author of Dinner with Lenny: The Last Long Interview with Leonard Bernstein

Entangoed, an EP of six tangos performed by pianist Eliane Lust, showcases examples of the form from the early twentieth century to the present day. The earliest work, Dane Rudhyar's Tango d'Antan, dates from 1914; the latest, Robert Elkjer's En-tango-ed, was composed in 2010.

We owe three of the pieces to the late Yvar Mikhashoff, who solicited them as part of his ongoing tango project, for which he eventually collected over one hundred new works, including Frederic Rzewski's Steptangle for piano and foot stamps, and Scott Pender's homage to Janet Jackson, Ms. Jackson Dances for the People. The Rudhyar piece, which the composer discovered amongst his unpublished scores and gave to Mikhashoff, would likely have remained unheard without the latter's intervention.

In the Key of C-SPAN

In the Key of C-SPAN

Released: March 4, 2014
Charivari Agréable; John Lill, piano; Gail Hennessy, oboe; Nicolas Parle, harpsichord; Ambache Chamber Ensemble; Hausmusik London; Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players; Lucie Kaucká, piano; Marta Talabová, flute; Aleš Janecek, clarinet; Antonín Hradil, violin; Tomáš Jamník, cello; Ladislav Bilan, vibraphone; Paul Neveu, trumpet, flugelhorn

Theme Music for C-SPAN "First Ladies: Influence & Image"

IN THE KEY OF C-SPAN, Vol. 1 is the premiere release of the digital music collections featuring works from PARMA Recordings' audio catalog which have been used in C-SPAN's programming.

PARMA and C-SPAN's collaborative relationship stems back to January 2013, when the two companies teamed up on the C-SPAN series First Ladies: Influence & Image, for which PARMA produced a customized theme song. In May 2013, PARMA signed on as C-SPAN's music provider, placing content from its audio catalog across the network's original programming, promotions, and Senate quorum calls.

IN THE KEY OF C-SPAN features music from Telemann, Haydn, Forqueray, Vivaldi, Mozart, Brahms, and PARMA Artist Scott Pender, the composer of In the Time Before, as heard on First Ladies: Influence & Image.

Lock & Key

Lock & Key

Released: September 1, 2012
Lucie Kaucká, piano; Marta Talabová, flute; Aleš Janecek, clarinet; Antonín Hradil, violin; Tomáš Jamník, cello; Ladislav Bilan, vibraphone; R. David Salvage, piano; Andrea Kapell Loewy, flute; Dr. Yuling Huang-Davie, piano; Jakub Látal, violin; Pavel Hána, viola; Jirí Návratil, cello; Pavel Harnoš, double bass

In the Time Before
In the Time Before (Footage of Scott Pender's November 30, 2011 recording session with the Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players in Olomouc, Czech Republic)

LOCK AND KEY opens the door to discover harmonious, melodic chamber works tied together by a shared understanding of the most treasured aspects of humanity. Through diverse experiences and impressionism, each composer highlights that which makes us human but is all too easy to hide away. Navona presents these works together as a reminder that inspiration can be found through appreciating the beauty of nature, the thrill of a first kiss, lighthearted fun on a night out, or simply by being alive. LOCK AND KEY features new chamber works from Scott Pender, R. David Salvage, Daniel Perttu, and Malcolm Hawkins performed by the Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players, Salvage, Andrea Kapell Loewy, and Yuling Huang-Davie.

incitation to desire

Incitation to Desire - Tangos for Yvar Mikhashoff, 1945-1993

Released: January 1, 1995
New Albion Records, Inc
Yvar Mikhashoff, piano

Tango performed by Yvar Mikhashoff